• Parson Andrews House
  • The Last Spike
  • St Andrews Train Station
  • Ministers Island Barn
  • Dutch Belted Cattle
  • Covenhoven side view
  • Windmill and orchard
  • Pierce Arrow Car
  • Covenhoven front view


Parson Andrews
Sir William Van Horne
Post Van Horne

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Crossing Tides & Time - An experience like no other!

A short drive across the ocean floor - just minutes from St Andrews by-the-Sea.

image Excavations on Ministers Island in the 1960's and 70's turned up evidence of a Passamaquoddy settlement dating back thousands of years. Graves, tools, a shell midden and remains of buildings indicate their presence on the island known as Consquamcook.

United Empire Loyalists, John Hanson and Ephraim Young, were the first white settlers on the island, arriving on a whale boat from Maine in 1777. They raised large families while enduring the hardships of clearing the land and subsisting almost entirely on shellfish and game.

In 1785 Captain Samuel Osborne acquired the island by somewhat controversial means. He sold the island to Reverend Samuel Andrews in 1791 for 250 pounds. In 1891 Sir William Van Horne purchased his first parcel of land on the island. His daughter Addie purchased the last piece in 1926.

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