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A Once-In-A-Lifetime Experience!


Dine Like A Guest Of Sir William
3 Dates To Choose From
Reception 6:30 pm; Dinner 7:00 pm
Covenhoven Mansion, Ministers Island

Be one of the first guests in a century to dine in the Van Horne dining room at Covenhoven. 

To preserve the dining room's historic furnishings we're limiting this experience to just 3 evenings with a maximum of 10 guests per evening on a first-come basis. 

The 3 dates: Monday June 24, Monday July 8, and Tuesday July 23. The menu is below with choices o
f 3 entrées. 

The event fee includes all food and gratuities; alcoholic beverages, taxes, and the standard online booking fee are extra. To be fair to all, tickets are limited to 2 per Member.

$100 pp + tax/booking fee


Five fine-dining courses prepared by the Executive Chef from the 5 Kings restaurant

  • Salad – Tomato salad with basil, crumbled feta, St. Croix oil & balsamic

  • Appetizer – Lamb carpaccio Caesar with arugula, parmesan, capers, crostini (a vegetarian option will also be available)

  • Palate Cleanser

  • Entrée – Your choice of 3 entrées: Braised Beef Short Ribs OR Roasted Halibut OR King Mushroom (a vegetarian option). Each comes with seasonal vegetables.

  • Dessert – White Chocolate Lemon Cheese Cake with blueberry compote and a gingersnap.

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